Friday, May 6, 2011

For my Friend Chitra in India. Day113

Holy Basil, Tulsi 
This came up volunteer from my having let the plants go to seed last year.  It is so healthy!  Having to keep the blooms pinched back already.


  1. Thank you so much Frances. Love this.
    Wow, it looks very fresh. I was also thinking of taking some photos and sending you. That are tiny basils in my pot now. Every time when I water them, I remember you. My only problem is lack of space . Once I move to our own house, I plan to have more and more Basil.
    At present for our work sake, we are in a different town.
    Thanks once again. Do you blog here regularly?. I would like to follow you here.

  2. Now I will get updates of this blog in my dash board. thank you.